A passionate commitment towards education and empowerment

It was Graham and Rhona Beck’s passion to ensure that quality and integrity go hand in hand. Their long term vision to uplift and enrich peoples’ lives is a powerful legacy which continues to inspire and guide us today.


Our investment in ground-breaking strategies to educate and empower not only those within the Graham Beck team and their families, but in our wider communities, is an investment in our future growth and sustainability.


Personal enrichment of employees is a pivotal component of the company’s social philosophy. Our aim is to meet their needs in a practical way and equip our local communities with the skills to achieve meaningful change.


The Beck Family commitment has at its cornerstone the following Social Philanthropic Trusts:


· The Graham & Rhona Beck Development Trust or GRBDT (which contributes significantly to the development of the local communities within the Langeberg Municipal region).

· The Graham & Rhona Beck Foundation (this philanthropic initiative is Jewish based and supports a wide variety of organisations both in South Africa and abroad).

· The Clive Beck Educational Trust (which focuses on bursaries and educational programs throughout South Africa, however Graham Beck Enterprises employees can also apply in accordance to specific guidelines).

A number of exciting projects are offered to our staff in which training and upliftment feature prominently:



Education and skills development is provided for the benefit of children of all ages including Early Childhood Development, Pre-Primary Schools; Primary Schools; High Schools and Adults education in the form of bursaries and skills development initiatives. The GRBDT also supplies financial assistance to some of the schools in the Robertson region.


Sport and Recreation

The company seeks partnerships with various organisations that are involved in this area to identify opportunities for the benefit of our local communities.



The GRBDT together with other role-players in the music arena established a music academy for the youth since public schools for the mainly previously disadvantaged do not accommodate music as a subject. Together with the financial assistance of the GRBDT the tuition in music includes: the teaching of various music instruments, music theory, forming of bands and district choirs and participation in concerts and festivals.


Health and Welfare

The company continues to invest in health promotion, job creation, the elimination or eradication of poverty and community safety through programs that address substance abuse Langeberg Substance Abuse Action Group, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), teenage pregnancies and parenting skills. Other initiatives involve family development outreach programs and assistance to senior citizens.



The GRBDT supports the employees of Graham Beck Enterprises with housing subsidies and financial assistance. This is probably the most significant program of the GRBDT – the aim is to provide farm workers of the Graham Beck organisation with a house (title to their very own house) upon reaching retirement age of 65 years and having completed 25 years of service with the company.


Graham Beck supports the responsible consumption of alcohol