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Introducing the Bliss Nectar range

Unveiling the charming new Bliss Nectar range in the Graham Beck Méthode Cap Classique repertoire


The quintessential bubbly for those who relish the slightly sweeter side of life, the all-new Graham Beck Bliss Nectar range is both blissful in name and nature.  Beautiful and balanced, it epitomizes the meticulous and passionate dedication to the pursuit of the perfect bubble for which this world- renowned brand has become known and loved.


Crafted in the traditional Méthode Cap Classique style, the range is superbly luscious in character yet refreshingly elegant and structured and consists of the existing Bliss Demi Sec, which underwent a sleek new packaging upgrade and has been renamed Bliss Nectar, as well as the exciting new Bliss Nectar Rosé.  The blends comprise the two classic building block varietals - Pinot Noir lends richness and backbone to the aromatic taste sensation, while the Chardonnay contributes fruit intensity and sophistication.


A special selection of liqueur d’expédition was added to produce these delectable bubblies which has a fun, feminine and flirtatious side, yet all the hallmarks of outstandingly crafted, timeless bottle fermented sparkling wines.


The Bliss Nectar is an indulgent delight for the senses with its fresh notes of ripe citrus and stone fruit flavours complemented by enchanting hints of butterscotch, honey and praline while the Bliss Nectar Rosé delights with its seductive sweetness, charming smoothness and undeniable flair. The appealing strawberry aromas are complemented by hints of spiced peach and creamy raspberry, underscored with a subtle floral nuance.


The unapologetically fun and utterly captivating new Graham Beck Bliss Nectar category offers bubbly lovers an indulgent delight for the senses and is guaranteed to entice and impress at any gathering or get-together, the perfect partner when celebrating what matters.

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