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Be The Host With The Most

From prep work to entertaining ideas, here are our top three tips on how to gather in style this Easter with the help of Graham Beck:



1. Plan your menu
Food makes memories! As you prepare to serve a feast, make sure you allow enough time to cook your dishes. Before you settle on specific recipes, first check in with your guests for any dietary restrictions. It’s not only polite to cater to everyone, but it’ll also help you know what to buy and the quantities you should make. Once done, plan your menu by starting with the star of the show (the main). Do you want to stick to the traditional, or are you the holiday hipster who makes something different? Then plan your starter, sides, and dessert and jot down your ingredients for your shopping list. Be mindful of your dishes and pair your drinks accordingly. Here’s a winning tip: Cap Classique goes with EVERYTHING! Try our Graham Beck Brut for a surefire crowd-pleaser.



2. Set up a drinks cart
People love to gather and chat around a watering hole. Swap out the water cooler with a stylish (and way more fun!) drinks cart. Not only will it free up heaps of time for you, but it will give your guests a great opportunity to engage over some common ground. Decorate your cart (or table) with plenty of glasses, an ice bucket, bottle openers, paring knives, chopping boards, straws in jars, and fruit decorations for extra pizzazz. Of course, no drinks cart will be complete without the actual drinks. While spirits, craft beer, and wine are a must, don’t forget the star of the season: Cap Classique! Ideal for toasts, it’s also easy to share and set the mood. Another idea is to pop some ice buckets filled with a bottle or two of sparkling wine around the room so guests can help themselves. If you’re not sure where to start, Graham Beck Brut Rosé mixes easily with cocktails and pairs well with snacks.



3. Think ahead and order online
If you want to be the host with the most, be prepared! To make sure your gathering runs smoothly, planning is key. Help your future self by completing as much shopping as you can in advance (if it can be frozen, buy it now, and get the fresh stuff the day before you cook). For alcohol, avoid heavy trips and buy your drinks online! Graham Beck has a hassle-free online store with special offers for Society Members.



Do you feel ready? You should. It’s time to celebrate what matters. Happy Easter!

Celebrate What Matters


Graham Beck supports the responsible consumption of alcohol

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