Farming in harmony with nature – protecting our precious natural biodiversity


Our dedication to farming sustainably and producing environmentally and ethically responsible Cap Classique sparkling wines in harmony with nature is a long term commitment to safeguarding the health and welfare of our planet.


At Graham Beck we have always had the environment’s best interests at heart - but never more so than now!  That is why we have actively embarked on a number of groundbreaking programmes to nurture, protect and conserve our precious natural heritage:


  • Graham Beck was one of the first farms to be awarded WWF Conservation Champion Status and exceeds the criteria required – recognized as an environmental leader in the industry for our commitment to conservation, planning for preservation of rare and endangered species, responsible production practices, integrated environmental management systems, and spearheading innovations in water, energy efficiency and climate adaption.  


  • Together with 27 of our neighbouring farms we started the Rooiberg Breede River Conservancy on 30 September 2006 in association with Cape Nature, to protect our unique natural fauna and flora, many of which are rare and endangered. We are situated in the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom: a biome that hugs the coastline along the far south-western tip of the continent of Africa. The area is home to one of the greatest non-tropical concentrations of higher plant species in the world; some 8,500 species that are largely endemic here. The area has been designated as one of 34 global ecological ‘hotspots’: an extremely threatened area that has lost 70% of its natural vegetation and is in critical danger of further extinction of native plants and animals. Rehabilitating and restricting any impact on the ecology is to our way of thinking a top priority. We operate in strict accordance with a comprehensive strategy for restoration and conservation of our biodiversity.


  • The Beck Family Development Trust facilitates the management of our philanthropic projects and promotes conservation awareness.  Financially supporting the Rooiberg Breede River Conservancy (region from Goreeshoogte outside Robertson to the Nuy Valley including the Langeberg and Rooiberg Mountains, and the Breede River to the south), the Trust assists the area in their aim to support sustainable resource utilization, as well as the conservation of fauna and flora and their habitats for the benefit of present and future generations (through active participation, communication and education). As a company we strive for change in the industry through environmental leadership by empowering communities to conserve all creatures great and small, conserving exceptional places and protecting our valuable resources which is crucial to save our planet.


  • With an impressive 1,978 hectares under conservation, Graham Beck also focuses on veld and game management, control of soil erosion, bio-energy solutions, waste management, environmentally-sensitive pest and disease control, environmental education, conservation incentives, external auditing and upskilling in the community.


  • Working in concert with ecology is not just a healthy philosophy; it’s a strategy that makes good business sense.  Adopting the principles of sustainable farming with the assistance of leading technology enables us to produce wines of exceptional quality from soils that are among the world’s most challenging. Finding creative ways to reduce our resource use has resulted in solutions to minimise waste and maximise our resource recycling.  Rather than attempting to control the environment, a healthy balance is sought that returns the ecosystem to a state that benefits both the farm and local ecology.


  • The installation of an extensive solar system was completed in 2016 to support our electrical usage and saving. This project promises to deliver considerable long term benefits for the environment as well as contribute substantially to the overall cost effectiveness of operations.  During the project 1200 panels were installed on the roof of Madeba 3 cellar. The system will be able to generate a total of 312 kWp, while the lifespan of the panels is 25 years. This remarkable installation will positively influence Graham Beck’s overall environmental footprint. The average electricity generated per day from our solar plant is equal to one ton of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) if it was generated by a coal plant. Thus, the direct, tangible environmental benefits are in the considerable CO2 savings. This installation is further proof of our commitment as a cellar with Conservation Champion status. Hopefully it will also serve to inspire other cellars and agricultural entities to follow suit. 


We continue to be inspired by the passion Graham and Rhona Beck displayed for the community and environment. It is only fitting that the generations to follow uphold this precious tradition. An extraordinary legacy of generosity and upliftment lives on within every aspect of this pioneering


At Graham Beck we firmly believe we have been given an immeasurably precious gift – but with this comes an immense responsibility. The natural land upon which we live, toil and thrive does not belong to us. We are merely custodians of our rich natural fauna and flora.


Respect and care for our planet and natural environment is deeply embedded in our culture. As a business, it is our duty to do all we can to treasure, preserve and sustain our planet for future generations.


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