ISO 14001


ISO 14001:2004 As a proudly ISO14001 certified client Graham Beck implements an effective Environmental Management System (EMS) which enables the company to manage the impact of the cellar and bottling activities to protect the environment. Graham Beck is seen as a leader in the application of environmentally conscious processes and was only the fourth cellar to carry this certification in South Africa. The implementation of the requirements promotes environmental protection, resource conservation and improved efficiency by challenging the current state of production to be more creative in how to produce our world famous product range. Included into this is the installation of our 312 kW solar system consisting out of 1008 panels and covering a roof area of 2120 m2.

Benefits of ISO 14001:

  • Raising customer confidence.
  • The effective management of our environmental affairs.
  • Continuous improvement of environmental matters.
  • Encourage cost saving.
  • The preservation of energy and natural resources.
  • The prevention of pollution, thus cleaner air, water, soil and less waste.
  • Providing evidence that existing laws and regulations are adhered to.
  • Creating a safe environment for our customers and employees.


Graham Beck supports the responsible consumption of alcohol